Dynamic Positioning

Your tool for advanced operations with low fuel consumption.

The SIREHNA DP System is a certified redundant Dynamic Positioning Control System (IMO DP1 and DP2) with integrated Joystick Control System and wheel mark Track Control System (TCS). This system results from more than 30 years of expertise in hydrodynamics and control of marine systems. 

Such control technology can now be made available on any type of ships and the SIREHNA control systems have already been installed on many ships for many types of applications:

  • cruise ships
  • maritime research vessels
  • yachts and mega-yachts
  • multi-purpose working vessels and barges
  • cable-laying vessel
  • jack-up vessels
  • military vessels

At low speed or high speed, the SIREHNA dynamic positioning system and autopilot automatically maintain the vessel's position and heading by using its own propellers, thrusters, rudders or any possible actuators that can control the ship's movement. Position reference sensors, combined with wind sensors, motion sensors (roll, pitch) and gyro compasses, provide information to the computer in order to compute the ship state and external environmental forces and change the actuators orders accordingly. SIREHNA DP not only helps the crew in maneuvering the ship, but also makes it more fuel-efficient.

Typical control modes available in SIREHNA control systems are:

  • Joystick Manual
  • Joystick Auto / Combined
  • Station Keeping
  • Auto-Track

Other modes or features can also be made available for specific applications:

  • Follow Target
  • Auto Area
  • Anchor mode
  • Jack-up function
  • On-board Training
  • On-board Capability plots
  • Heading / Track Keeping (high speed)

SIREHNA takes pride into its rapidity to answer and its adaptability to any costumer’s need. Our dynamic positioning systems are adaptable to your specific uses and modes or functions that do not exist yet, will be developed according to your expectation in short time.

SIREHNA Control Systems in a few words:

  • Easy to use and to set up
  • Flexible solution adaptable to customer specific needs
  • Interface with all configuration of thrusters, sensors and other ship systems
  • Smart DP functions with specific control algorithm
  • Service and support : remote access, warranty, maintenance, FMEA, training course
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