Support to ship design

Our expertise answers your issues

SIREHNA expertise in hydrodynamics is the mother of every product and system that we propose today. Numerical simulation, physical experimentation or product design, our experts can study any demand you have.

Numerical Simulation

In order to improve your equipment and make it more efficient, or to help your team in their research, you may need to simulate the fluid dynamics around your products. Our team is here to provide partial or full hydrodynamics study of your systems.


Performances optimisation

SIREHNA’s engineers compute results of numeric simulations on platforms and systems in order to design them better and optimise their performances



SIREHNA performs trials that represent operational conditions in a maritime environment. SIREHNA thus performs tank or natural environment tests on submarine or ship scale models, but also on aeronautical models such as helicopters or airborne drones.


Design tools

Some of SIREHNA high added-value designs are done with our own software tools and workflows, carefully crafted to improve the design experience of our engineers.