The trials, whether small scale or real size, are necessary to understand the complex phenomena specific to naval platforms and their performance. This approach offers the opportunity for SIREHNA experts to complete their numerical simulations and thus propose the best solutions to our customers.

The requirements for performances imply the use of high fidelity experiments, which means large scale and free running models.


In order to comply with the current requirements in terms of precision and reliability, SIREHNA performs its trials on free-running models, fully balanced in mass and inertia:

  • Small high fidelity models, like for helicopter ditching tests (model < 2m, 6kg)

  • Large models to limit scale effects, like e.g. a 10m-9t waterproof remotely controlled trawler ship model, used for small ships dynamic stability assessment.

  • Large scale submarine models, for the assessment of underwater vehicles maneuverability performances, with a size up to 10m.

In addition, SIREHNA expertise in design, integration and operation of advanced measurement equipment is used to onboard ships for sea trials or specific measurement campaigns

4- Helicopter graphs
Sirehna helicopter ditching
5- Max sea trial
Sirehna towing tank trials