Sirehna develop a large range of products & systems aiming to secure navigation and maritime environment on both civil and military markets

The SIREHNA DP System is a fully customizable certified redundant Dynamic Positioning Control System (DP0, IMO DP1 and DP2) with integrated Joystick Control System and wheel mark Track Control System (TCS).

Sirehna expertise allow us to design, study and build custom made and fully customizable unmanned surface vessels based on multiple types of operations. (Surveillance, interceptor, Oceanography monitoring).

Sirehna collision avoidance system, BRIZO, offers automatic detection, tracking and geolocation of any obstacles on the surface up to 1km.

Sirehna MOS system offers automatic camera tracking & identification as well as real time analysis on specific criterias (position, speed and course)..


Our expertise in hydrodynamics has been the core of every product & system developped by Sirehna for many years

Qualified and industrialized methods are used to predict the performances of various marine systems, such as ships, submarines, propellers, tidal turbines. SIREHNA also prepares and validates new methods and tools to answer more complex problems.

SIREHNA proposes design and optimisation services based on numerical simulation. The point of these services is to suggest solutions that improve the hydrodynamics of naval platforms taking into account all design constraints.

The trials, whether small scale or real size, are necessary to understand the complex phenomena specific to naval platforms and their performance. This approach offers the opportunity for SIREHNA experts to complete their numerical simulations and thus propose the best solutions to our customers..

For such critical systems as the ones we design, safety and cybersecurity issues need to be thoroughly analyzed. To do so, SIREHNA developed a tool that allows multi-layered system mapping. Interface management, default propagation, architecture robustness assessments


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