The SIREHNA DP System is a certified redundant Dynamic Positioning Control System (IMO DP1 and DP2) with integrated Joystick Control System and wheel mark Track Control System (TCS). This system results from more than 30 years of expertise in hydrodynamics and control of marine systems.

Sirehna offers a full range of dynamic positioning systems that are designed to fit all types of propulsions and vessels.

  • Joystick Control System
  • DPO
  • DP1
  • DP2
  • Compact Station
  • Portable DP plug & play

SIREHNA takes pride into its rapidity to answer and its adaptability to any costumer’s need. Our dynamic positioning systems are adaptable to your specific uses and modes or functions that do not exist yet, will be developed according to your expectation in short time.

Typical Dynamic Positioning applications




joystick control

Joystick Control

  • Sending coordinated orders to the entire set of thrusters through a 3-axis Joystick
  • Keeping heading and position with precision

station keeping

Station Keeping

  • Allowing the ship to keep position and heading as specified by the captain

  • Automatic mode with adjustable functions

track keeping

Track Keeping

  • Driving the ship through specified waypoints with accuracy

  • Adjustable speed


Auto pilot

  • Keeping heading while under way by driving the stern thrusters

  • Driving the ship to a specified heading with high accuracy

  • Adjustable speed and heading


anchor mode

Anchor Mode

  • Keeping constant heading while the vessel is anchored

  • Taking the optimized heading position

auto aera

Auto Area

  • Keeping your vessel in a definite watch circle

  • Noise and vibration reduction, low fuel consumption & green house gas emissions

dp repeater

DP Repeater

  • Viewing your DP system wherever you are

  • Virtual joystick function for maneuvering, mooring & docking

  • Full DP HMI display WiFi connected

fast deployment

Turbine transit mode

  • Automatic standby in wind field
  • Automatic fast transit
  • Real time route optimization
  • Fast & safe wind turbine approach


tracking objects

Automatic Planification System (APS)

  • Road planification, folllowing nautical and weather conditions

  • Reduction of the yatch motion to increase the comfort onboard and optimization of energy consumption


Short Range Surveillance on station keeping mode

  • Detect and track potential risks, according to defined criteria

  • Connected to SIREHNA DP system, the short range surveillance solution around the vessel offers higher safety level for guests swimming watch and tender boarding

advanced sensors

Advanced Sensor analysis (ASA)

  • Night and day security improvment of ship's area

  • SMS alerts & automatic detection of potential intruders or moving objects


Sirehna delivered a tailor made recognized Dynamic Positioning training course program to operational deck officers, technical- and on-shore personnel based on the Nautical Institute (NI) standards for Dynamic Positioning training.

Sirehna course programs include:

  • DP Induction
  • DP Operator
  • DP Maintenance
  • DPO & DPM combined
  • Modular & customized training courses

For more information, have a look at our Dynamic Positioning training program here


SIREHNA Dynamic Positioning System and Autopilot are certified by Bureau Veritas & CCS, witnessing their compliance to international standards (DP1/DP2).

Sirehna DP systems are also compliant with all classification societies (DNV, RINA, ABS, Lloyds, NK...)