Sirehna has developed an autonomous and remote control kit adaptable to existing platform and new build vessels to remotely control and perform remote operations.

Sirehna dronization kit includes:

  • Remote ship control
  • Remote payload control
  • Communication systems for all range of operations
  • Obstacle & collision avoidance
  • Replication of the bridge including communication means (Shore center)

The operator is able to supervises the mission on the control station and has a direct control on the navigation and payloads. Sirehna’s kit includes a situation awareness system processed by the drone using on-board sensors (radar, ais, video...) that is directly shared with the operator.

The communication system guarantees a high level of availability according to operational needs (PRU, wifi, 4G, S-band or VSAT).

joystick knob

Remote ship control

control station

Remote payload control

broadcast blue

Communication system

complex system

Shore center

tracking objects

Collision avoidance


Sirehna collision avoidance system
  • Collision detection & obstacle avoidance (COLREG)
  • Dedicated graphical user interface or integrated in shore center
  • Surface target tracking & identification
  • Standard sensors: Radar and/or ARPA, GPS, GNSS, Gyrocompass, depth sounder, log
Sirehna collision avoidance system
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Optional sensors:
    • Lidar (Forward looking)
    • High-sensitivity and/or thermal cameras
  • Graphical user interface


Sirehna automation kit architecture