Energy optimisation

Reduce your costs and your impact on the environment

Using energetic models and simulations, SIREHNA evaluates the environmental footprint of your ships (consumption, SOx, Nox, CO², particles, ...). The results allow SIREHNA to propose energy saving solutions, through the hydrodynamic plan, the propeller design and the propulsion, electrical and thermal architecture.

SIREHNA also proposes tools to help you in your decisions in order to reduce you ships’ energy consumption:

  • Leanship : Trajectory optimisation tool taking into account meteorology. It optimises the route, the speed and the configuration of the electric systems. It displays the important data regarding the vessel and saves it in order to analyze it later.
  • Smart Autopilot : SIREHNA proposes autopilot systems for sailing ships. They take control of the sails and the trajectory in order to make the navigation safer, or just more comfortable.
  • Smart Grid : A tool that reinforce your control over the vessel’s energy consumption. It computes the data taken from a smart grid and a simulation thanks to energetic models and assists the captain in the decisions regarding the energy consumption: Air conditioning control, non-vital equipment shutdown,…

SIREHNA proposes maintenance solutions in order to analyze the slow loss of performances of the equipment onboard. Using Artificial Intelligence, this tool evaluates the performances during navigation and detects anomalies that a classic operator would not.

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