Alfred Merlin

SIREHNA has been selected to supply the DP1 Dynamic Positioning System including a TCS (Track Control System) for the future new flagship of the Department of Underwater Archaeological Research (DRASSM).

Started in 2019, built by iXblue at the La Ciotat shipyard and designed by MAURIC, this boat, which will soon be the largest composite boat ever built in the world, will complement the existing fleet (the 36-metre André Malraux and the 14.5-metre Triton) commissioned in 2012 and 2016 and also built by iXblue.


As a recognised supplier of Dynamic Positioning Systems and one of the world leaders in the control of the dynamic behaviour of naval platforms, SIREHNA has been entrusted with the supply of a DP1 system meeting the Bureau Veritas regulations as well as the TCS autopilot and course tracking system. The system will also be directly connected with the Gecdis-C - Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) of iXblue.


The Alfred Merlin's Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) has a main operator station with a 19" touch screen, 2 secondary gateway stations with 7" screens and 1 Independent Joystick station also with a 7" screen. Stand-By, Joystick Manual, Joystick Combined, Station Keeping, Auto Track and Follow Target modes will allow the Alfred Merlin to perform safe manoeuvres at low speeds.

The AutoPilot mode will allow the ship's heading to be managed during transits as well as managing the ship's speed (SpeedPilot).

Auto Track & Track Keeping modes interfaced with the iXblue ECDIS will allow tracking of specific WayPoints with a high degree of accuracy, the system continuously monitoring the distance, time to the waypoint.

In Follow Target (or follow ROV) mode, the SIREHNA® DP system will provide control, heading and position of the vessel in order to follow a moving underwater target.

The commissioning of the Dynamic Positioning system is scheduled for June 2021 for a christening on 2 July 2021 in Marseille in the presence of the Minister of Culture and godmother of the vessel, Roselyne Bachelot.

Photo credit: © Teddy Seguin/DRASSM