Nanoplon Atlantique Scaphandre


Launched at the beginning of 2020, Océa has just delivered the new vessel of the shipowner Atlantique Scaphandre, specialised in underwater work since 2004 and equipped with a dynamic positioning system SIREHNA DP1 BV DYNAPOS AM/AT. This 26.80m catamaran completes the fleet of the Sablaise company, which already consists of 3 boats: Maxiplon, Miniplon and Plonplon, under the name Nanoplon.

Thanks to the Nanoplon, Atlantique Scaphandre intends to strengthen its underwater work activities.

As the vessel is equipped with 2 cranes of 80 and 16 tons as well as a hyperbaric, Sirehna, through its integrator partner Robin Marine, has been entrusted with the supply of a dynamic positioning system DP1 meeting the BV regulations as well as the TCS autopilot and tracking system. The DP will allow Nanoplon to meet specific requirements under IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) standards.

Sirehna DP1 joystick and console
Sirehna DP1 system HMI

The Nanoplon's Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) has a main operator station with a 19" touch screen and an Independent Joystick station also with a 7" screen. Station keeping, Joystick Manual, Joystick Combined, Station Keeping, Auto Track modes will allow the Nanoplon to perform safe manoeuvres at low speeds.

The AutoPilot mode will allow to manage the heading of the vessel during transits and also to manage the speed of the vessel (SpeedPilot).

The Auto Track & Track Keeping modes will allow the vessel to track determined WayPoints with a high degree of accuracy, with the system continuously monitoring the distance, time to the waypoint.