Navigation systems

Navigation made safe and efficient

Dynamic positioning, autopilot, energy optimisation, stabilisation

Our systems will improve your navigation experience in every operation, be it mooring, precision maneuvers or simply following a defined route.

Dynamic Positioning

Based on its knowledge in ship dynamics modelling, SIREHNA has developed several computer-based embedded systems that dynamically control the ship movements in order to reduce fuel consumption, increase safety, operational ship capabilities and comfort for the crew and passengers.


Stabilisation & tranquilization

SIREHNA proposes several solutions in order to reduce the vessels’ movements: Rudder Roll Stability Control System (RRSCS), Moving mass, Anti-roll tanks


Energy optimisation

To make your ships fuel-efficient and less costly, SIREHNA proposes optimisation solutions: from conception to exploitation and vessel’s maintenance.



Dynamic positioning, Autopilot, Stabilization systems…