SIREHNA has been a major & renowned manufacturer of Dynamic Positioning and AutoPilot Systems since 2000 with more than 140 operational & fully maintain DP0, DP1 and DP2 systems operated all around the world, in all types of vessels in both military and civilian market.

Through the years SIREHNA’s Dynamic Positioning System has evolved to fit the market’s demand and need. Several new modes, functions & HMI version has been continuously developed to offer a solution that is sea proven, reliable and customizable that can easily be integrated in a newbuilt or refit project.

Based on its expertise in both integrated system & hydrodynamic, SIREHNA has also developed a very specific know-how in the manufacturing and study of piloting System (Dynamic Autopilot and Positoning - DAPS) for minehunters vessels including specifics modes and functions dedicated for these operations.


In 2008, SIREHNA has been selected to supply a DAPS (Dynamic Auto-pilot Positioning System) within the context of the BEDOK program (Mine Hunting program) for the Singaporean Navy.

The modes provided are those of a classic DP with the addition of an AutoPilot and Circle Keeping mode.

Minehunter DP system

Credit: Bedok-class MCMVs berthed at Changi


nam hae - MSH575

Credit: Namhae during sea trials. ROK Navy picture (

Between 2016 & 2022, 3 new Mine Hunters piloting systems are being supplied to the ROK Navy (Korea) for the Yangyang class.

The lead ship of the new batch, Namhae, was launched in April 2020. Sistership Hongseong was launched in September 2020 and the final ship Goseong was launched in March 2022.

All six minesweepers of the class were built by Kangnam Corporation in Busan.

SIREHNA’s DP/AP System is the base of the complete mine-hunting solution that will improved mine-searching and clearing capabilities compared to the existing minesweeper, and is a strong support for protecting Korea’s major ports and maritime traffic routes.


As a French renowned and expert, SIREHNA was also involved in the refit of the French mine hunter vessels of the Eridan class (tripartite - CMT). The Tripartite class is a minehunters developed from an agreement between the navies of Belgium and the Netherlands. A total of 35 ships were constructed for the three navies.


Credit: M644 - Pegase CMT

The class was constructed in the 1980s–1990s in all three countries, using a mix of minehunting, electrical and propulsion systems from the three member nations. In France, where they are known as the Éridan class they are primarily used as minehunters, but have been used forminesweeping and ammunition transport in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The systems were installed in the early 1980s and upgraded by Thales in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Following the takeover of part of Thales in 2010, SIREHNA took over the MCO. Several actions have been carried out: replacement of the PanelsPC OQO (with recompilation of the software), modification of the control law parameters following the increase in the total weight of the ships (weighting of the bottoms for more stability), modification of the limits of use of the active rudders (to prevent mechanical default due to rudder thrust bearing), replacement of the equipment in the main cabinet, creation of a test platform with simulators (in the premises of NAVAL GROUP in Brest).


latvian minehunter

Credit: Latvian minehunter NATO  exercise (Latvian MoD/Gatis Dieziņš)

In 2020, as a sub-contractor of ECA, SIREHNA is part of the refit of the 3 Latvia’s Tripartite-class Mine Hunter vessels (IMANTA Class).

The Latvian Navy will be the first to be equipped with a comprehensive drone solution from ECA Group, specifically designed to be fitted during modernisation program of previous generation Mine Hunters.

The traditional mine warfare system is completely replaced by a new command and control system and a full set of drones. SIREHNA delivers a complet Dynamic Positioning and AutoPilot system to drive the ship in its new functionalities.


Last but not least, SIREHNA will take a major part and responsibility in the future Belgian-Dutch minehunter replacement program carried out by Belgium Naval & Robotics for 12 minehunters equipped with unmanned systems.


Credit: Naval Group

The contract for twelve mine hunters for the Belgian and Dutch navies will span over ten years. After a design period of three years, Belgium Naval & Robotics will move on to the production phase of these ships and drone systems, with an initial delivery scheduled for 2024. In charge of the preliminary design of the ships, Naval Group works in close collaboration with Kership who will carry out the detailed design of the ships and their construction.

As part of the program, SIREHNA will supply a specific DP2 system with a TCS (Track Control System). A specific piloting function will be integrated in case of mine detected by the mother ship.